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Surgical Repair for Hand Injuries

Do you experience hand pain resulting in reduced hand function? An injury or wound may be the cause of this pain. Turn to the specialists at Wilson Chau MD, in Flushing, New York, and call us to schedule your appointment.


At Wilson Chau MD, many hand and finger maladies are easily treated. They include the following:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
This results in tingling, numbness, and thumb weakness with muscle wasting.

Hand Tendon Injuries
These often result from a tendon rupture or an open wound with a tendon injury.

Nerve Injuries
These also result from an open wound.

Hand or Finger Bone Fractures
These result from blunt trauma or open wound injuries that cause bone fractures.

Trigger Finger Surgery
This relieves pain with stiffness in the finger, as well as clicking or locking of the finger.

Injured Hand